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Omar Manning Going Forward


We certainly could have benefitted from having WR here. It's silly for anyone to think it didn't sting to lose his talent. Think about it, instead of rolling out Liewer or Falck, you could have WR line up with a Betts, Martin, Toure, and Manning. Now that would be scary. Then again, SF would probably still play Liewer more than WR at this point.
Lets see, when it comes to scoring, so far, Toure, Manning, Martin and Brewington have scored as much as WR in 4 games than WR did in 8, with Toure scoring more than WR did all year already.
One TD catch isnt hard to replace, and WR doesnt want to block too much, and both Liewer and Falck block very well, an essential part in an option/rpo offense.


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I am glad he went public. Puts to bed all of the rumors from last year. He has massive talent that is only now being realized. Can’t wait to see his growth going forward. This is a very talented group of receivers.


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I like our WR and TE rooms much better this year than last, and I'm excited for and proud of Manning. Wan'Dale was a champ for us, did everything he could, and I wish him well. But if you offered me these rooms vs last year's group (including WR and Warner) I'd take the current group all day long.

Having both of our big TEs healthy is going to be hell on opponents. Big, strong, relatively fast, huge catch radius, apparently decent hands, all X2. Can I get an AMEN?