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Olympic/World Cup Qualifiers


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Not sure if RR has posted yet (I don't see any threads on it)


Olympic Qualifying (Cities – Nashville, Kansas City, Carson)
US Olympic Qualifying:
Group A: w/ Canada, Cuba & El Salvador.
Group Stage played in Nashville (3/22, 3/24, 3/26) at LP Field.
Semi’s (3/31) & Final (4/2) in KC at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.
The 2 finalists qualify.

World Cup Qualifying:
6/8/12 vs. Antigua/Barbuda (Home)
6/12/12 vs. Guatemala (Away)
9/7/12 vs. Jamaica (Away)
9/11/12 vs. Jamaica (Home)
1o/12/12 vs. Antigua/Barbuda (Away)
10/16/12 vs. Guatemala (Home)


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We're considering going to KC for the semis or finals for Olympic Qualifying and certainly are keeping an eye on the home locations for world cup qualifying.