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OL Justin Evans-Jenkins Is N

i guess thats why they have him pegged at center. i wonder if he was under recruited, or maybe didnt go to any camps, cause his being only the 32nd best player in NJ surely doesnt get any attention. Our coaches musta saw something. I know if a kid doesnt go to camps, then he has to extra special... like 5 star special, to over come that lack of exposure

This kid has great balance, strength and quickness (he's also a wrestler and played DT as well as OL).

I like his ability at the IOL, and also like that we went out and got a recruit of his height for the OL -- it means we aren't arbitrarily limiting our options on the OL by height. The amount of talent that we have available around Nebraska goes up immensely if we don't exclude everyone under 6-5

It looks like Alabama offered him?? WOW!
On 247 I saw Bama listed twice 1 offer and 1 no offer. How is an offer verified? Ive heard reported by the player. I dont know if I believe the Bama offer, hell, that alone would have raised his rating higher than it is.


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