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OL Gibson Pyle is N Update: Selected For All-America Bowl

Here’s GB’s commitment message from Twitter for those who don’t have an account.
He definitely plays to the whistle. When he throws someone down, isn't that holding? He's nasty, glad to have him here, but I wonder how many flags he gets? Does anyone know?

I loved that footage. Definitely a hold, tackle and probably a punch or two mixed in. See a bit of Dominic and Ritchie in him and if his beast can be controlled and harvested his future is bright. As to how many flags he will get, I guess we will have to wait and see!
Watched his film. Very aggressive which we need and I like. Doesn't stop blocking which soo many lineman do before the whistle blows. Allot of pancakes! Pulls allot so he is quick on his feet. Did not see him miss a block.

P.S. #34 is a good RB.


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