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Oklahoma Practice Thread: Thursday 15 September: Coach Joseph Coaches Radio Show


Guys and gals - this whole thing was going to go down at some time. It happened. It's OK, It's fun ? ? to rely on each other in times like this, regardless of your occupation , career, personal issues or FOOTBALL neurosis. We 've got resources to coach and teach our players. Scotty, as , much as we all love him , most of us anyway, was becoming a real distraction. This is where and when things needed to change. Sorry. As we always have, we pick up and go on. NOBODY loves our team , tradition and history more than us. Maybe getting together this Friday in Lincoln will help, Can't hurt. "cept some of us have "other" teams to support. Let's just pray and move to all positive thinking regarding this and trust "the Trev" - Onward !
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