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Oklahoma at Nebraska - 2022 Week 3 Simulation (NCAA 14 w/ updated rosters)

Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
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Good job, nice simulator but impossible. No false starts, silly penalties and unexplained turnovers?

And right off the bat, NU acrobat cheerleaders? ..... no way. Plus not ESPN but FOX telecast
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Back when I used to play a lot of NCAA14, I'd turn off injuries/fatigue and just let Taylor Martinez return kicks, punts, and play free safety. I won a lot of games with that speed.


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Interesting, guess I didn't know people still ran sims with NCAA 2014. Interesting also that the Huskers' pants are all whites without the stripes.

I only watched a little of the first series, but a couple of observations ... Rahmir Johnson is going to win the Heisman, and Benhart needs to lose some weight.

That is all.