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Ohio State Practice (10/30/18)

Looks like Stille was motivated to get it done; now, just keep playing at that level.
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Halloween is starting early for the B1G Teleconference...
If anyone posts anything about what Frost said, I will get it on here.
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How does the secondary do this week?
Nebraska secondary coach Travis Fisher said Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins is the best one the Huskers will have faced so far this year. Fisher said Haskins has an NFL arm and can make all of the throws necessary in a game.

Another thing that jumps out to Fisher is Ohio State’s yards after the catch. A big part of Nebraska’s plan to success will be limiting the explosive nature of Parris Campbell and KJ Hill, both of whom have at least 50 catches and more than 600 yards receiving.

Fisher said he’ll need his defensive backs to wrap up and slow down the receivers if they’re able to get the ball. If the Huskers can’t get them down themselves, they’ve got to hang on for reinforcements. The defensive backs coach said the group’s tackling has gotten better over the last couple of weeks, so he’s expecting it to continue against a very difficult matchup.
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