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Official Spring Presser and Practice Thread: 28 April Coach Frost, Tuoti , Held & 3-4 Players

Jaquez Yant is an interesting addition to the team. While he has not garnered a ton of attention, he had some good programs interested in him at one time. Why he is a walk-on is a bit of a mystery. Had to be more than academics.

It was academics. During the normal recruiting period it really looked like he wasn't going to qualify. So teams backed off early. Yant worked hard though and did some extra work and got qualified late (after signing day). By then all the P5 teams were full so he went the walk-on route with NU thinking he could prove himself. He really liked Frost and was impressed by him as he was the 1st head coach to show up at his school.
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I see what your trying to do here. Lets not go there in this thread

FWIW you can answer your own question by doing some research on Google
I did, and it came out that three starters are out
10 players in total
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