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Official NFL Playoff Thread

I didn't know that. Back and forth, from Indianapolis to Baltimore franchise. And for some reason, changed from Baltimore Colts to Baltimore Ravens.
In 1984, the Baltimore Colts left for Indianapolis.
In 1996, Cleveland Browns owner, Art Modell, snuck his team out in the middle of the night for Baltimore. Cleveland somehow retained the rights to the "Browns" so the Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore Ravens.
In 1999, a new Cleveland Browns team was established.

They are making staying in the game very hard, but somehow they are.

I am hoping they continue to fall apart as I don’t like anything that has to do with the Raven’s coach or his brother. I will always be pulling for the other team whenever those two coaches are on the field.
So you're saying next year when the Chargers play the Ravens you'd like to root against both of them.


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