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Official B1G Season Will Begin October 24: Unanimously Approved; Schedule will be 8+1


Pura Vida!
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Why do we not want to play Ohio State? We would be underdogs against a lot of teams. Why not play one of the best and do as well as we can.

I just don't get thinking that putting Ohio State on our schedule is a bad deal. Against whom at the top levels would we do better? PSU? Are you kidding? Already one of the PSU guys that has "opted out" has already said he is playing. The OSU guys will now probably play.

I think worrying about the strength of our schedule in the conference is disrespectful of our coaching staff and our players.

Iron sharpens Iron!



Run game... Whats that?
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so i watched the big ten tv anouncement, rutgers statement was pretty interesting. sounded like nope we dont wanna play but we will abide by the conference choice.


All Legend
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The schedule should be interesting. I suspect that travel will play some role in it, so I doubt that Rutgers/NU will show up -- those are the two farthest apart in different divisions I believe. We should get someone closer.

I hope we get OSU and Notre Dame - Oh wait, can't get both of those.
That extra 30-60 min flight would be pretty risky.


Pura Vida!
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I’m willing to bet B10 makes Nebraska’s schedule of:
Ohio State
Penn State
Michigan State

Just because Nebraska “threw a fit” when they said they wanted to play
Bring it! Let the players, who will lose ZERO eligibility, play the real good teams and learn what they need to do to get better. Will be a great barometer on how good we are.....and your younger players get better playing very good teams....
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