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NU's Jack Cooper, Defensive Quality Control, named DC at Rhode Island


Slow Blinker
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This completely makes sense for Jack. He played at Southern CT State in New Haven. Coached at Yale, which is also in New Haven. His first job was located in my former hometown of Newport, RI @ Salve Regina. Taking a job in S. Kingston, RI as DC brings him back to his roots. And as Thom stated, this is a huge step up in his career. I wish him luck. Maybe I'll make it down this year to catch a Rams game.

From tweet above...
He was very impressive at the coaches' clinics. They gave him some of the more complicated, detail-oriented presentations to cover. High school coaches can be just as star-struck as teeny-boppers, so many of them would prefer to go to the presentations with the big-name coaches, but my experience had/has been that the QC guys are usually the ones who do the best presentations because they're closer to the details of what the staff is doing. Cooper did NOT disappoint. He had specific, detailed answers for any and every question. The presentations that I saw him give were related to secondary coverages and alignments and running fire zone blitzes. He'll make a good DC. I hope we have someone else ready to step in for him on our staff because these are the guys that do so much of the Xs and Os behind the scenes, and it's often anonymous work.