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NU vs OSU Fanalytix GameView360 graphic


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Below is the GameView360 graphic for today's game as well as a link which takes you to the Fanalytix game page with access to the viewing guide. A couple of things that stand out at first glance are the multiple short or negative yardage drives by NU and the ten minute stretch spanning the second and third quarters that changed the game. The penalty disparity is significant as well.


Great stuff thanks

Being a stats wonk very helpful
Thanks! I wish it didn't have quite so much gray. There will be better days and I think they're coming soon. Interested to hear what other Husker fans see if they can bear to look.
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The end of the 1st half with the phantom pass interference... then the beginning of the 2nd half with an all-too easy OSU drive for a TD followed by Martinez fumbling without being touched... Ball game. Stretches like that simply cannot happen.


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