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NU vs N. Illinois score prediction contest. Congrats @Huskerthom he wins with a 46-6. Sorry took so long I was a wee bit drunken last night.


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NU 24
NIU 31

Edited because someone already picked the same score.

They don't look like they've figured out how to put forward four quarters of good football, yet. Baffled by the regression of Martinez. I think maybe he's in his own head too much. O-line is inconsistent, at best. I think the D has actually done OK, considering the offense did almost nothing in the second half, for the second week in a row. Beyond the scripted first drive, the offense has been very poor. They seem incohesive, like they're not in synch, or they have a chemistry problem at the moment. I can't put my finger on it, but it's irritating, because they seem capable of way, way better. Until they figure it out, more disappointment awaits.
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