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NU vs Maryland ~ Fri. 11-29-19 @ 7:00 ~ No TV


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Finish out the regular season strong.

Get top 6 seed.

Keep the final 4 streak alive.

Play our best at the end.

Bring home another natty.


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Huskers sweep them.

Sloppy game but Huskers had enough fire power to win. Big night from Stiv, Jazz, and Lexi.

Meghan Miller is a stud.


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Congratulations on the WIN tonight HUSKERS!!! :Rockon:


(24-4 ~ 16-3) @ OHIO ST (15-16 ~ 8-11); Sat., 11-30 @ 8pm ~ BTN.

Ohio St. Swept Iowa;
25-22, 25-23 26-24


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Congrats to PSU, knocking off Wisconsin, after being down 0-2!! Wow, what a comeback, even though PSU was at home.


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If NU can avoid the upset, we will tie for second (3-way) if Minnesota beats PSU, and be alone in third if PSU beats Minnesota and ties Wisconsin for first. That 5 set loss to Purdue keeps us from winning the B1G. Win tonight and we deserve a top 8 seed, which gets us some home matches. If only 3 Big 10 teams get top 8 spots, we should root for Minnesota tonight.
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