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NU vs Hawai'i 12-13-19 @ 3:30pm CST on ESPN3


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Well, what a bonus!! Huskers advance....Texas falls on their patootie!! There is a God, folks!

How 'bout than longhorns? Yeh, how 'bout them??? 34327


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32 pages for a 3 set match. :Lol: :Rockon: :Mfclap:
And, not a point missed on replay. You are all spoiled, as you should be. WE ARE NEBRASKA!!!! :)

"See" you all tomorrow! :Wave:

Again, congrats to our Huskers!! 3-0 sweep of Hawaii!! Aloha..............and, Mahalo, Wahines!!
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Red Corn

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Dani takes down the Evil Empire...Wonderful, just wonderful...Congrats to her and her team... very well done ladies...

And NOW, bring on the Badgers. The girls are gonna play well tomorrow. I personally think Wisconsin is the best team in the land...Until we beat them tomorrow night. But before we can beat them, we have to at least win a set...