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NU v. Penn St. Match Thread - 12/14/17

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I have not read the thread at all as I was getting tables set up for a dinner tomorrow night at church. I just watched the match on DVR......it was so awesome! That 4th set was some seriously amazing volleyball. These Cornhusker ladies have ice water racing through their veins. Way to send Penn State home! Bring it home on Saturday!! GBR!

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Sweet! Number 1 goes down....again!!! :Corn2:

My ass is still chapped that Nebraska didn't get a top 4 seed, thereby cheating the best volleyball fans in the country out of two home games.



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HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am looking forward to putting in on a dvr, asap!!!!

I cannot wait for Saturday, but I will have to do the same thing: Our Sr Ctr is having our 1st annual Red & Green Senior Ball!! Again, we have a 27-piece band coming in, playing songs from the 40's, 50's!!! The are just like the Glen Miller band. :)

Again, Ladies, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great year for us Husker fans!! :)

:Hooray::Rockon::Happyrun::Hair Fire::Broom::Broom::Cheer2::Mfclap::Santa::Santa::Santa:

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Must have been a Penn St fan that typed that out..
Every year, there is some team that will play closer to home than other teams. If the final four were in, say, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, we'd likely be making the same argument. Just the nature of things.

Two easy rebuttals to their sour grapes showing that home court advantage should not an excuse:

1. We went into Kentucky and won on their home floor, great teams can do that.
2. We went into Penn State's HOME arena and swept them.