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NU v. Penn St. Match Thread - 12/14/17


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Incredible match, tough to watch the 2nd and 3rd giving up the lead but they showed what's got em here and persevered. Hard to admit but our Husker Volleyball girls have the biggest kahunas of all our current athletes. Congrats on digging deep and never giving up on each other. GBR
I'm hoping that mojo is contagious. It'd be nice if the football team caught it.


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Absolutely nerve wracking but so worth it. Don't ever count these ladies out! They've got something to prove. Weren't expected to do as well this year losing all those stars last year plus the change in assistants. So proud of them.


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Whoooohoooooooooooo, wow indeed!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to the Lady HUSKERS for a tremendous comeback win, job well done ladies. They showed strong determination, drive and desire in those last two sets, what a way to finish. Keep this momentum going in the finals and there will be a huge National Championship celebration with the Lady HUSKERS bringing the NCAA trophy back to Lincoln.
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Anyone know who we match up against better between Florida and Stanford?

Should I be rooting against either of these teams for any particular reason?