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NU v. Ohio St. Game Thread


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Sorry to thread-jack, but how is it? ...bud Bo an odors lightWe were going to try it the other night, but we decided we didn't want to fight the crowd.
I will pm you when done...watching p90 x commercial cause no B1G and the are busy...state bball too...hope food is good as beer on tap is not my fave...bud bl and coorslt


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NU plays the winner of the PSU/Purdue game at 3:00 pm tomorrow afternoon. The game will be televised on ESPN2. Unfortunately, I will have to miss part of it. I have a commitment at 4:00 pm, darn it.

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Way to go, Husker Ladies!

Sleep fast, because your opponent will have one less game on their legs tomorrow.

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What an amazing week for the Huskers. I was starting to figure they wouldn't make it past the 2nd round of the NCAA. Now I'm starting to think they have a shot at Elite 8, maybe even Final 4. Beating PSU tomorrow would be huge and would certainly help their seeding.


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Time for the boys to step up. Very possible we could have girls volleyball and girls basketball Big 10 Champs in the first season.