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NU v. Iowa Game Thread


Husker Immortal
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Commentator says, it looks like she tripped her, not fouling her on the arm!

Really? BS!!

Hard game to lose. I feel for the kids. Rachel had a tough night. We'll get
them next time!!

Go Huskers

Have to say, though, the defense on that last play looked out of sync.

Outlaw Wrangler

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I watched most of that game last night. Give Iowa coaches credit for coming up with a great play on the inbound at the end of regulation that led to the phantom foul call on Theriot. But that was an absolutely horrible foul call by the official. There was absolutely no contact on any part of the block, hand or body. It was one of those plays where the referee anticipates contact so blows a quick whistle. Sucks to lose a game on such a poor call at such crucial time. Makes you wish calls like that were reviewable.
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