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NU v. Iowa Game Thread


Travel Squad
10 Year Member
Saw that they were projected as an 8 seed on ESPN bracketology. But so was Iowa.
Don't know if this will move them up or not. I do know a second victory over Ohio State would really help.


Tom Osborne
5 Year Member
A very nice win for the ladies against a very scrappy Iowa squad. It is tough to beat a team three time and they did. Now two more wins to the B1G title.


Travel Squad
10 Year Member
23 wins for the ladies this year. Ties for second most wins by a Nebraska women's team. Now to get into second place by themselves, they'll need another win. I did think I heard that they could tie for the first position with 32 wins but I think they would need to win all the rest of the games and maybe even 1 extra one.
09-10 team won 32 I believe


Scout Team
5 Year Member
Lets hope the lady Buckeyes forget about the shellacking the Big Red gave them at the last meeting....Hate for them to be extra motivated! Go huskers!!!

Husker in Spokane

Junior Varsity
15 Year Member
Congratulations to the Huskers. Darn work gets in the way of posting. Sorry I missed the end of the game.
A cool thing happened this week for me at work. Computers went down on Wednesday and I learned that when that happens all site blocking is lost so I got to watch both games, while I worked of course! nuk nuk :D

Go Big Red!