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NU Offers 4* WR Malachi Coleman: Commitment Date 22 October:


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100%. If I'm Trev Alberts, I'm taking that new B1G TV money and swinging for the fences. Why not? I'm putting a package together that's competitive with the elite programs in the country and targeting Dave Aranda and Luke Fickell.

Aranda signed an extension this offseason and since Baylor is a private school, it's unclear what he's making now. It's believed he had been getting $4 million.

Fickell is making $5 million with an assistant salary pool of $5.2 million.

Trev can make an offer one of these guys can't say no to IMPO. Throw out 8 years and $75 million with an assistant coach pool of $7 million.
No new coach under TA would get 8 years.


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No new coach under TA would get 8 years.

Why? The going rate is typically 6-7 years for new hires. If it's for a guy like Aranda or Fickell, I think it's worth sweetening the offer.

If he's gonna go after a guy a tier lower, perhaps a guy like Jeff Hafley, Bill O'Brien, Dave Clawson or Dave Doeren, then I could see 6 years.

But for the sake of derailing the thread any further, I'll stop talking about possible candidates.

My apologies RR.


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Edit: RR posted Miranda Coleman’s tweet as a sticky in the other forum so deleting it here.
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Clearly people forget these are kids. You can be disappointed they don't pick your school of choice, but attacks of any sorts are just asinine.
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