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NU/Iowa tailgate


Ed Force One
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Time got away from me,
Forgot to post a tailgate thread.

Starting at 8am,
Will be tailgating same location.
8th and N
Food and beer is available,
Also will have Bloody Mary's!
This is funded by donations.
The donation jar is on the food line.

Please respond to this thread if you are attending,
Thanks, Marlin.



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Is there easy parking available near?
There are always a variety of lots within a few blocks radius of the tailgate site offering parking. Expect to pay ~$20 ... more or less depending on how much closer or farther from the stadium you are. Never had any trouble getting a spot within three blocks or so this year so far, arriving at least a couple hours before kickoff.
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Ed Force One
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Should be there for at least a little while with my oldest son - his first ever Husker game.
Darn, I will miss meeting you again. I won't be there personally.
I got Sean and Ron covering for me,

They will do a fantastic job
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Pasadenahusker, flew in from California, RDR actually flew in from Texas, weird he didn't drive his suburban with close to half million miles on it, Cyberbach, Pam and me.