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NU home upcoming home games/weather

Glendale Husker

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It is a ways off and i don't have the means to the equipment that HWM does :D But this is the preliminary long range forecast for NU's first 7 gm's

3/6 Tue. Kansas St. 65-68 degress M. Sunny 10% chance of precip
3/7 Wed. Nebraska/kearney 56 degrees M. Cloudy 20% chance of precip
3/9 Fri. California 52 degrees Sct. Showers 60% chance of precip
3/10 Sat. California 55 degrees Showers 60% chance of precip
3/11 Sun. California 45 degrees Showers 80% chance of precip
3/12 Mon. California 51 degrees Sunny 0% chance of precip
3/13 Tue. South Dakota St. 57 Sunny 0% chance of precip

If that first gm. forecast holds up what a great day and way to start Coach Erstad's first home game!


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You're on the ball! :)

I want to wish the team good luck for Friday's game. I have to work, and can't get out of it.

I look forward to the pbp.

Wish I could be here tomorrow. :(

Look forward to Saturday!!

GO BIG RED!!!! :thumbsup:


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Need a gurentee for the weather on the home opener on Tuesday. Taking a vacation day to go down to the game so I hope the weather knows of my plans!