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NU @ CU [L 1-2]


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game :( hit to left, softly

Later, guys. Some day, we can
look back at this (at my age??) and
say, we finally came through! ;)

Goodnight :Wave:


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Our batting is atrocious and our pitching isn't much better. :Thumbsdown: Daren needs to get this team straightened out. I've been wanting to go to a home game but, don't know if the drive home from Lincoln after a loss is worth it. :Bananalazy: At least the drive home from TD Ameritrade is shorter after a loss.

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mind boggling Nebraska has lost 5 of 6 to a team like Creighton. The difference in attending the two schools over the period of 3, 4, or 5 (based on 25% minimum scholarship) could be anywhere b/w 60-120k. You would think that alone would make pitching depth for mid-week games lopsided in Nebraska's favor. Something that might even that out, conference strength, is also tilted toward Nebraska. While the Big 10 is bad in baseball, the Big East is horrid. I can't remember the last time The Big East drew an at-large qualifier, it generally is a one bid league.
Also, NU has the edge in budget, resources, fan support, etc. Right now you could make the argument Creighton is the better program, which years ago would seem absurd.

I would say that maybe the difference in coaches is what is giving CU a leg up. But when Darin Erstad is the coach, no way Servais is better. Last time I checked, Servais didn't punt at Nebraska, nor does he have a shiny world series ring!

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Well, CU hasn't made the NCAA's in 7 years, and also didn't qualify for their 4 team conference tournament last year. So, what does that say about Nebraska?