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Not starting off good

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I suppose people are right when they say that these young kids cannot control themselves and not party for a few months. I disagree. Most will. And those that don't should be removed from the team, since they will probably do it again. Red shirt walk ons? How great a part of the team do they feel anyway at this point.

I'd boot them off the team
because I think those guys that want so bad to ply games this fall will not party and mess around for the next three months. It's not at all impossible.

And this isn't some great scheme by the BIG administrators. This is on those guys alone.
Double standards are going to be part of the "culture" of the program?

As SSO posted, "If you want to do things like this, you better be really good if you want to stick around. "

This from the team where walk-ons are celebrated as heroes and it has been widely described that the depth these walkons provide NU may very well allow them an advantage during this time of unknown player availability? I understand reality, but if Wandale can party (not saying he did, just an example) without consequences and the walkon can't, i'm not sure that is the culture that many people expect.

Now, the point of the upper classmen being ticked off, i hope they are. Just wouldn't say kicking walkons off the team is a precedent you want to set unless you are ready to kick scholarship players off for the same offense. Especially after the Mo Washington talk of "double standards".

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Certainly not but of all the 'rules' that could be broke, and are broke, and will be broke in the future, having a party, drinking, or hitting a bar is probably the most difficult to 'police'.
I would hope that the team would self-police in this case (this year of Covid-19).


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Right or wrong, as a walk-on at Nebraska you are selected to be here and have to do things better than the scholarship guys. The upperclassmen were not happy since this could have had major implications to them during Covid time, and the staff was happy to see the frustration from our guys about it.

If you want to do things like this, you better be really good if you want to stick around.
Sounds like there is some leadership within the team.


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I have to be a realist on this one. If I was a college player and was as dedicated to the team and the program as anyone else, on or off scholarship, I can't say I would do any different.

Here you have worked your arse off preparing for a season. Dedicated yourself, followed all the rules, protection guidelines, navigated the virus, etc...You did your job....then you have mighty Kevin rip your soul right out of you by saying: "Fall season cancelled and will NOT be re-visited". Sorry, I'm going to party. Not passing judgement on these kids. Hell, I wouldn't pass judgement if Martinez put on the party. The timing of this makes a huge difference.

Now, if they season was on? Heck ya it was stupid and irresponsible.
This pretty much nails it. I'll add to it this wasn't a situation of honkering down for 3 months as many posters want to say. It was about already having given up about 6 months of what they had expected as a football player and having no belief that anything was going to change. And when they look around they find other students, non-students and working class all assembling in groups over 10 also.

I'm willing to guess that over 90% of the members on here have been in a room, building or place of assembly with more than 50 people recently. If you really believe these players were wrong about taking the chance of exposing other players than why are you so willing to expose your family and other friends by going to Menards, Walmart, or the local restaurant. Me thinks there is a lot of double standards going on here by posters.

time to cue the "I don't go anywhere that I don't have to go and by the way I wear masks and social distance all the time" people.


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Something I haven't seen addressed is this: If they were contacted multiple times earlier isn't it common practice that the police also contact university officials when dealing with student disciplinary issues? I would have thought our coaches would have been privy to past regressions and if so there should have been a line in the sand so to speak given to these kids at that time.


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. Yep and two starting lineman were whooping it at highlands golf course a few weeks ago with no masks on. The same as the other 100 golfers there. We seem to have a high level of judgement on here towards social distance policies that haven't proven to work.

The same people criticizing these three will also tailgate the first week.


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Unfortunately this exposes a risk of having a large squad of walk-ons, given the strict Big Ten protocols for the team being able to play games this year. It is human nature that a player with little to no chance of seeing the field may not be willing to make the same personal sacrifices that starters will.

I just hope that everyone learns their lesson from this.


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In fairness, this party was held back when we all thought the season was a bust. I see many a self righteous post on this thread. Who here can say they never threw or attended a party back in the day. Back in the stone age when I lived in the dorms we used to take turns having weekly dorm parties. You could get written up once a semester back then without consequence (other than a slap on the hand discussion with the RD). By the time the party cycled back around it to our room it was the next semester and we had a clean slate. I didn't party every week but attended my fair share.