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Northwestern vs Wisconsin


You talken to me?
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Well up to today we have played NO ONE either and looked less than impressive. Just sayin pal
How does that change anything with WI? Don't believe I mentioned Nebraska. They should beat a team that's 1-2 soon to be 1-3 don't you think?
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Wisconsin defense and special teams are winning their game today for sure. Very little offense for Wisky or Wildcats.

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I will go back and watch the game again but I saw a LOT of things from both teams that Nebraska can exploit on both sides of the ball. Northwestern's offense is putrid and, of course, Wisconsin runs a 34 just like Nebraska. However, as I watched the game I wondered if Wisconsin maybe had a bit of a let down after the Michigan game and possibly took Northwestern too lightly.

Wisconsin looked very vulnerable when they were in zone cover defense. If Northwestern had an O-line, there were receivers running open all over the place. But Northwestern has a lot of problems.

The DBs grabbing jerseys seems to be the status quo this year for a lot of teams. My hope for tonight is the refs don't start calling it because our guys have been lucky so far.


You talken to me?
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WI had a total of 243 yds which is pretty pathetic imo. Was totally not impressed with WI considering NW had 3 turnovers and still slightly out gained them. Perhaps WI is really the steam roller unstoppable offense advertised but they sure didn't look like it today. Was not impressed with their QB and sure wouldn't trade him for AM.

Bottom line we are most likely playing the best team in the BIG tonight which IMO sure isn't WI.