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Northwestern Practice Week: 30 September Coach Frost

I will agree, but did you watch the Chargers chiefs on sunday? Multiple illegal shifts/motion penalties, just like the week before against the cowboys. Not a fan, just happened to have the game on yesterday and it jumped out on me. Their team didn't quit either...anyway my point? Not uncommon.
The false starts are more annoyance than a determent to the team. Penalties that are screwing us are the QB sacks then throwing the QB to the ground stuff or the holding calls (which too be honest, there hasn't been many this year) which either extend drives for the other team or call back td's for us. What is a determent to the team is a porous O line and stupid ST play.

The fake fair catch punt return MSU did was something they have done before. The announcers even mentioned that. Our preparation should have covered that possibility. It is not clear if we were prepared for it but didn’t execute OR were we not prepared for it all.
It was a designed play by MSU. They had scouted Czerny and knew he was likely to punt to his left. They put 2 returners deep and told the one one on the right to wave for a fair catch to make Nebraska think it was coming to him. And they told their blockers to form up on the right as well Partly by chance it dovetailed perfectly with our called coverage and the punter's error.

I posted elsewhere here on Saturday I think Frost needs to own that error instead of just blaming the kicker as he did right after the game, because at this point everything that happens is on him. I said if there's a chance his kicker won't properly execute Frost needs to scheme for that.

It turns out MSU's special teams coordinator knew our kicker's tendency is to kick left. Did our special teams coordinator know that too?

Details are important.

If anyone on the receiving team signals fair catch, is anyone on the receiving team allowed to advance the ball?

Agreed and agreed. Like Frost said, he just wants to try and find someone who can run up and catch a punt, run back and catch a punt. Damn, I loved shagging for the punters in practice. I loved the challenge of catching every punt! It is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, for Pete's sake!

What I am trying to say is that all the mistakes this team have made, starting with the safety at Illinois all the way to the kicking the punt in the wrong place (and the 20 plus in the middle) are things that are taught in High School. Do the coaches at Nebraska think that they are so basic, that they don't need to be taught? Do the coaches think they don't have to tell the OL to wait until the ball is snapped to move? Do they think they shouldn't have to tell a punter which way is left and which way is right? Dang, some of these mistakes stop happening after Jr High football but we have high 3/low 4* caliber players making these bonehead mistakes. Where does the buck stop? I mean, do the coaches have to have a 15 minute session with punters and punt teams on which way is left and which way is right? To tell the punt team to look up to make sure the punt is actually going to where it was suppose to? It isn't entirely the punters fault. I played every single special teams from grade 9-12, even when I was starting on O/D in HS. I had enough sense to look up at the punt to make sure where it was going. Do coaching staffs teach that anymore? Look up to ensure where the punt is going? The more I type, the angrier I get at these peewee/middle school mistakes these players are making....game after game after game....It isn't rocket science. I could go on and on about these mistakes but why? I am not making a ton of $$ to teach/talk about this.
I was actually a punter for my high school team, I had to yell which way the punt was going when I punted and it was echoed by other players so everyone would know. I understand that it's a lot louder in a college stadium, but man coaches and players on the sidelines could help by yelling where the ball is traveling while it's still in the air. To not have one player in the vicinity where it was caught is inexcusable, and quite honestly embarrassing.
Sounds like Frost is done with it and getting tough. Maybe this will do it. Would be great to clean up the last couple of things keeping the team from succeeding.
Frost appears to me to do more whining than actually getting tough or chewing butt. Watch the vid of Cristobal when that receiver got the taunting penalty after a 3rd and 15 catch and 1st down. Bet he never does that again. You don't need to be Pelini, but after BS like the multiple bad punts or OS penalties he could show a little more fire.

Watching from Cali he just looks like he'd rather be anywhere other than on the sidelines. His pressers are worse. Hopefully we see some improvement this weekend.


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