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Northwestern Practice Thread: Friday 25 August: Nebraska Pep Rally

Pretty realistic if you go by the results produced so far, especially the 5-7, you could almost say the 8-4 is being generous. I think too many analysts have been bitten by the Huskers underperforming with a roster that looks better than most in the West. I wouldn’t show much respect till I seen they can produce fundamental football, not perform as ” the all bus team” (Look the part, but goof an gaffe till they beat themselves).
NOW, as a fan I am hoping we clean up several areas and produce 9-10 wins. IF, special team can be average the o’line take a big step forward, a RB or backs emerge and qb that can manage the offense, an throw in 1 more t/o a game from the D - it’s not asking to much - right?!


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