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Blur Parties will be doing their tailgate at Northwestern again this year.

They are offering HuskerMax readers $5.00 off on their tailgate packages for the game.

Enter HUSKERMAX at check out to get your discount.

Here's the link.
I haven't attended any of the tailgates before, it looks awesome! I will be heading to the game Saturday and if we hit the tailgate can we possibly stay there to watch the game on TV's? Any help is appreciated.
Pal this will pale in comparison to the Colorado tailgate in 2019..now that will be a real blur. Special guests will be Cheech and Chong diving into that buffet of herbs. Ticket prices will be high like most of those in attendance :Rockon:
I won't make the tailgate, but I'll be at the game. I've been in attendance at both Husker victories in Evanston and am planning on witnessing a third Saturday night. GBR!!!

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