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Kill All Humans
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Finally got a chance to watch this and was really entertained. Took my a few to get BO into the lead role but figuring that he had been retired for a while made it more plausible. I really hope a sequel is in the works and it was good to see Rev. Jim in action.

BigRed Mosquito

Red Shirt
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I thought it was a fun movie to watch, entertaining, and didn't drag-on. I was hoping in the end that Harry (RZA) would have brought the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan to the warehouse, though!

Red Dead Redemption

Baba Yaga
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...talking about Odenkirk's health scare in July 2021 when he suffered a small heart attack while filming "Better Call Saul" Season 6. He's all better now, but he revealed an intriguing tidbit that a big reason he's still here today is because of pure happenstance.

"I was supremely lucky, you guys. Not only that, listen, I learned this a few days ago. The [Automated External Defibrillator] device that Rosa Estrada used to jack me up and ... It took three runs; it took three tries. She had that in her car because she was trying to return it to somebody she borrowed it from, and she'd been trying to return it for weeks. And this guy was never home, but otherwise, there wouldn't have been one anywhere near." Thanks to some random guy Odenkirk doesn't even know, Estrada had the AED device in the trunk of her car and was able to use it on Odenkirk to keep him alive.
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