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Noah Vedral Transferring to Rutgers

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Wow, good for him. Looks like they have Sitkowski and Langan back, but neither one set the world on fire and their offense was pretty lousy last year. So I'd guess he has a legitimate chance to start even


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We do play Rutgers this fall (assuming football happens).

Even if Vedral isn't the starter, he's gonna be a prime source of intel for the RU coaches on what to expect from Nebraska. I strongly dislike in-conference transfers for this reason.

On a personal level, I wish him well. But he may take a few extra lumps in our upcoming game this fall. Teams don't tend to look too favorably on guys who "deserted" the team. That's not to suggest that Vedral - or NU - did anything wrong here, but don't be surprised if the Blackshirts dial it up a little bit extra during that game.

Anybody else remember when Brett Favre became a Viking?
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I think there is a difference between deserting the team and moving for more opportunity. From all accounts, vedral was all about the team. I think his teammates are probably understanding of the situation and are supportive. The Bell situation seems more like desertion than the vedral situation.

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Good luck to Noah, I guess. No problem with him leaving, but I'm not a fan of in-conference transfers. While this is not nearly as bad as him going to IA, MN, or WI, we do have Rutgers on the schedule this year. Rutgers will now have quite a bit of insider information for that game.
Good point. I didn't mind so much, because "it's only Rutgers", but I guess we're not in the position to take anyone for granted.
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