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Pop ups would be slightly more bearable if it was an actual ad, but this is a spammy pop up that you can’t get back to the site with ease.

There are sites of “ill repute” that have less annoying pop ups that are at least targeted advertising.
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I’m getting hammered with this crap. I can’t scroll one page without it happening.


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The popups are the big reason I use an adblocker. When I turn of my adblocker HM becomes un-useable. I don't want to use an adblocker because a number of sites I visit will block you totally if you use one.

Just an FYI for you @BigRedMax


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@BigRedMax can we do something about this?
One way we can do this is to raise the minimum bid for advertisers which also reduces our income from less ads being served. I have asked our ad ops to increase it again. It is also helpful if you fill out the reporting form from the sticky in Technology Central. This has been a major frustration and a constant battle.

There are additional things you can do. Whenever you get one of these clean out your browser history. Also, Chrome is much better than Firefox as a browser when it comes to malware so I recommend using Chrome as your browser for HuskerMax.