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Nice read on Husker Volleyball $$ success

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I read the article and yes, very complimentary of what Nebraska has done with the VB program. I read it as saying "the way Nebraska has achieved success is where we should be headed". I need to check further on 1 item though as the article seemed to indicate that BTN only distributes monies to the Football and Men's basketball programs. I can't imagine any of the truly heavyweight VB coaches in the BigX sitting back and accepting this inequity and certainly not any women of power in the various athletic departments.


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Just a note on the Oregon game, John Cook is ticked off for such an early start on such an important game. Says, they should use two days, instead of two. not having tournament games from morning till night!
The game will begin at 10:00 am, in Lincoln. He said it's not fair to the fans!
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