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NHL 2021 Season

Wings first win of the season beating Carolina 4 - 2!! :Happyrun: :Banana::Hooray::Woohoo:

I have to savor these as the Wings will probably still struggle this season.
Av's are already 'Jekyll and Hyde'.

4-1 loss to St Louis and a follow up 8-0 win. Same starting goalies for both sides.

Edit: I forget in the off season how ridiculously fast Nathan McKinnon is.

It looks like it should be illegal.
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Jack Hughes looking like a #1 draft pick this kid

Kid is 19 and is going to be special

Very young Rangers team starting to play really well

Loaded with talent

7 points out of 8 in the last 4 games
First Av's game I've gotten to watch this season.

Vegas will be a tough out.

Wow, sad day for hockey.

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