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NFL referee's Locked out....A fellow Husker Fan called up to officiate!


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Good friend of mine, UNL grad and Husker fan in Colorado has been called up from "retirement" to officiate pre-season and possibly a regular season game or two in the NFL. He had gotten up to officiating on a crew in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference until about two years ago when he "retired" to spend more time with his young children.

He said he got the call in May and had a short time to make a decision. Has been to a few meetings and will really get rolling here very soon. He said that guys that are recently retired or have left officiating are the ones they like to call up so that the active crews in college can avoid any problems that crossing the picket line may have on their rise up the NFL ladder. Best of all....he gets two tickets for each game he officiates! :thumbsup: I have been watching ESPN to see if there are any reports on it and have not seen anything....must not be front page news at this point.

Kind of fun for him!