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Next up… Michigan State


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The Huskers better bounce back quickly. Another road game vs a ranked opponent is coming. schedule is brutal as always. Thanks Big 10.
Thanks Big Ten? Hard to blame the league for this being a tough game. LOL These guys were supposed to patsies this year. Turns out, they didn't buy into it.
I like tough schedules, within reason. There are plenty of teams on our schedule where we should be considered to have a reasonable chance to win. NW, Purdue, Illinois (oops) , Minnesota and even Iowa. We should have a chance at home in that one.

Just win this one for now!


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Don't kid yourselves, the B10 loves scheduling fun for the Huskers
DONU's crossovers - @MSU, Michigan, tOSU (all ranked)

Iowa? - Indiana, @Maryland, PSU
Wisky? - PSU, @Rutgers, Michigan
Minny? - tOSU, @IU, Maryland

Husker In Oklahoma

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The next game is huge. Can we build off of the OU performance and beat a ranked team on the road? Or do we revert back to lousy play and end up leaving East Lansing 2-3 and 0-2 in conference.

The Defensive effort today, if replicated, is good enough for 4-6 more wins. The Offensive and ST execution today, however, may only be good enough for 1-2 more wins.
Boy, if the offensive effort against OU was so abysmal, what does that say about OU?