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New Rules on Rumors etc on the Open Forum

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Spoke with David and starting today rumors about transfers etc etc etc are allowed to be discussed

However, injuries or personnel information has to be kept off the board for legal reasons.

If it's obvious someone is injured its okay to talk about it just be careful specifically saying what is unless it has been disclosed by the school. For legal and privacy reasons

If guy bangs up a knee and it's obvious in a game that is fair game. Normally it's announced after the game or on Monday anyway

Personnel stuff unless it's a matter of record in say the OWH etc is not okay also for legal reasons

If you have any doubt PM me before you post

We had a parent of a player who left NU awhile back who threatened to sue because of some information that was on the board

I trust y'all to use common sense

This will make my job easier too

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions from many of you

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