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New MBB Recruiting Sub-Forum

Red Don

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As we all know, MBB recruiting has exploded Blown-Up since Fred Hoiberg and his crew arrived at Nebraska, making it difficult for one to keep up with, or post information on, all the Visits, Offers, Commitments, Transfers (and speculation :Lol:).

Because of this, Big Red Max made a new MBB Sub-Forum just for Recruiting where this kind of information can be kept, consolidated, and therefore more readily available to everyone.

Check it Out! (after all, what is more important to the future of the program than recruiting). :thumbsup:

Thank you David! :Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap:
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ToungeInCheek since 2010
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This is an excellent move. I joined for the recruiting information....and to make snarky comments
#same that and give @huskernut crap.

okay, I don't remember if I knew he was a member or not when I joined, so not a reason. Just one of the highlights since joining. I need to update my sig file to the link where he got all up in the physics of punting or something.....