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New Herbie Husker Released


They had to retire the mascot on the right after he was sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences
Appears to me the old Herbie has a better handle on the ball. Looks like our turnover issues will persist. :(
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New Herbie is slimmer with thicker legs so I think he'll be faster. Plus his hat doesn't have a bite taken out of it! Plus he now says we're #1 instead of hurting people's feelings with the ok sign.

Major upgrades across the board!
I wish the New Herbie's arm was a bit meatier. Like Popeye. That forearm is NOT the forearm of a man who wrenches on tractors all day.

See below for my quick edit. Thickening his forearm up makes a big difference.

Old Herbie has the best ball security. New Herbie has a loose ball grip. But if you thicken his other arm, he at least looks like the kind of guy who will punch out your teeth if you take his football.

Look at New Herbie's shoulders, for crying out loud. You don't get a chest/shoulders like that and have a chicken forearm.

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