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New Herbie Husker Released


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EDIT - the design has been released.

This version has Herbie holding a football, so I'm assuming there will be variations for basketball, baseball, etc.

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Bad marketing. If you're trying to pique curiosity, you have to give them something at least.

I’d like to see Herbie as a big, mean, nasty looking farmer type! Your worst nightmare when running out of gas at night on a Nebraska gravel country road. In other words... The farmer from hell. :Lol:
I would like to see a female version like other schools have done in addition to Herbie. Like Henrietta or Hannah Husker. UCLA is a great example.
Been there, done that.


It's okay. I would have liked to see his head be slightly larger, as mascots usually have cartoonish proportions.

Some people are crabbing about a lack of a football, but that's clearly so we can use this logo for basketball, baseball, etc.


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