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New DC - Tony White


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I do hope that the 3-3-5 or 1-10 or whatever can stop Minnesota or Wisconsin's running game. Like the rest of the coaches I hope we all give them time. Will be fun to watch. Love the improvement they made.
you mean wisconsin's air raid?


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I am not questioning is coaching ability or him as a person or whether he can recruit.

I am questioning whether the 3-3-5 can be successful in the B1G West.
Well you should only have to worry about that for a year or so and then divisions are gone...


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Vertical would be terrible inside the 10.

You're not kidding

Scott in NY

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It's not. Watched too much tape to admit yesterday. He's also much more aggressive in his approach (besides 1st down, which is very vanilla). Lots of stunts, sends guys from all over. Works OLB as 4th man on LOS quite a bit and drops rover into the box for support.

LBs are super disciplined and are quick to the ball. Outside zone and screens get chewed up by this defense.
Now why on earth will anyone watch tape when they can just go on a fan forum and declare IT WONT WORK? Get with it, man.


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Tony White​

Syracuse —> Nebraska​

After stints at San Diego St. and Arizona St. (this apparently has become a pattern among new DCs), White led one of the best defensive backfields in the country last season for the Orange. Those guys will all be playing on Sundays in the future. Matt Rhule made a great hire to get the UCLA alumni on his staff at Nebraska. White has a history in many parts of the country, is young, energetic, and everything recruits want to see. I was a fan of the Rhule hire even before it was official. White only added to that sentiment.

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