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New Commit - 2021 JUCO combo guard Keisei Tominaga. 'N'


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I would take 3 of 8 at this point. Can he play defense well enough to not give up points in defense though?
I’m willing to give up some defensive prowess if we can get a true sniper from 3. Worst case we go with some zone, or trapping defense to make isolating him more difficult.


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"Japanese James Harden". Well, that's better than the "Japanese Jason Glock" (no offense to Jason Glock, he was a fine player for Nebraska, but unknown outside of Nebraska".
You had to bring up Jason Glock LOL!!! Nee was such an idiot not to use Glock more. Had to play his showboats like Jaron Boone etc. ! Glock was a solid player and when he redshirted his first year and the the other guys didn't, he got lost in the shuffle and forgotten about. I had almost forgotten about him!!!

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Jason Glock was ridiculously talented. I also think they would have been a better team if they played him. A more complete team anyway.