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Nebraska vs. Wisconsin (11/16/19)


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Listening to BTN pregame, the OSu lovefest is sickening. If Chase Young played for someone other than OSU, I bet they would want to throw him under the bus


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Not having wandale is just a huge blow.
I have a question. Does anybody feel confident that SF will be able to adapt to the situation and run a competitive offense without his go-to all purpose guy? Do TE's finally show up in any kind of effective way? Can they figure out how to get Mills going? Wisco probably figures they just need to stop JD from getting loose for too many plays and then just keep AM in the pocket where he'll eventually make some bad reads and poor throws.


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I have a bad feeling this is going to be a very long 4 hours for the Huskers and our fans! In any event it's still a Nebraska game and always feel obligated to park myself in front of the TV to watch it. GBR
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Good/accurate comments from the B1G crew on Nebraska’s (and Sparty’s) struggles this year.

Basically all agree that for Frost and the Huskers, it’s just going take longer than everyone thought.
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In the stadium watching warmups. It’s plainly obvious from watching that Wisconsin is soooo much better than us. Everything is so much crisper.



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Football Time! animated emoticon


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Always appreciate your enthusiasm @huskermike!

Have high hopes ... unfortunately low expectations. Pulling for these kids to pull out something special though.

Will be following game on ticker in Nashville as I meet up with Army friends from last combat deployment 15 years ago.