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Nebraska vs. Wisconsin (11/16/19)


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Starting this now. Went to Misty's tonight for the first time in a long time the night before a home game. Got there at 6 PM and the place was busy. There were a few Wisconsin fans there and one guy with a Wisconsin shirt one went into the women's bathroom and immediately realized his mistake and came right back out. He looked at everyone looking at him and said "I thought the W on the door was for Wisconsin."

That's amazing. You actually encountered someone from Wisconsin that actually knew the alphabet. That's like encountering @Squatchsker.
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Just got in from seeing Whiskey Meyers. Great show

Game is on BTN starting at 11AM CST

Pre/Game/Post can be heard here starting 4:55 AM CST


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As this head scratching HUSKER season winds down, I'm not sure what kind of play we will see from them today against the Badgers. I still have hopes that this team can put forth a solid and strong effort on both sides of the ball and finish on a positive note. Winning at least two out of three of these remaining games would be a huge boost in the right direction.

Let's go HUSKERS!!!! Take care of the ball, play smart and get some stops on 3rd down from the HUSKER defense. GO BIG RED!!!!!


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