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Nebraska vs Rutgers - Game #3 - 5-2-21 @12 pm Cntrl - Hawks Field


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I don't think Bunz will get the nod for game 4 this next weekend. Keep an eye on Koty Frank for that role. Heck, I'd Johnny Wholestaff it if it meant we're 3-0 going in to the last game. Bunz is too important out of the pen & it seems as though his arm responds better with shorter type stints. He's a 2 or 3 game impact guy coming out of the pen.

Very good chance we'll have Kyle Perry back for this next series. It'll be a very low pitch count but that's something else to look out for, for an inning.
Agree with using Bunz as a reliever vs starter.

Also think we need to use Schwelly early anytime we are up next week. Even in the 6th inning of the first game. No point in saving him for later if it never comes.


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Yeah. Bolt has done some things these past couple weeks that makes you scratch your head. IMO it has added to the funk NU is in right now. Not being aggressive.


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The wheels fell off in all three games against Rutgers.

And the sad thing is two of those three were entirely winnable ball games where we gave up substantial leads.

I think we’re going to start seeing just whether this team was very fortunate at the beginning of the year or are pretty good. The competition level is going to get much better.

I look forward to it and I hope they do well! They already have far exceeded, I think, everyone’s expectations but it would be really nice to make the tournament and even nicer to win the Big Ten outright.

I think they can do it. The offense has to perk up, relievers more solid and we have to do the simple things like bunting MUCH better. Baseball is a streak game and right now we have hit a slump.

When they break out of it the runs are going to come in bunches. But they have to break out of it soon because at this point of the year every game counts.

Good luck this weekend men! Go get em’!