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Nebraska vs Purdue (11/2/19 ) BTN Tailgate in West Lafayette

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A win tomorrow would give the Huskers their fifth win of the season and go e the team a real chance of ending with 6 wins and a biwk bid. Thus a huge game for this reason if no other

Game will be on FOX with the pregame show starting at 10:30 and the game at 11:00 AM CDT

Pre/Game/post can been heard here starting 5:00AM CDT


Might we FINALLY see a complete game from the Huskers this season? Many more questions then answers so far this season. Got 4 games regular season and we're going to need to play A LOT better if we have any chance of making a bowl game imo.

Here’s to hoping for a complete game... offense, defense and special teams.

I’m REALLY hoping to see noticeable improvements on the Defensive side. I know we win and lose as a team, but I think the offense put up numbers last week that typically can get a win, but the defense really didn’t carry their weight.

Time to bring it, and finish this thing strong!!!

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I don't like FOX telecast. I got Roku/Hulu service. Sometimes frozen video. Audio was okay. Only one channel, FOX. The only remedy; exit and restart Hulu live. It takes about one minute or so.

BTN, ESPN family, CBSSports, ABC, SEC&ACC networks ...... perfectly okay ...... except FOX.
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