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Nebraska vs Penn State (11/18/17)


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Good luck, today, Huskers! You may not win, but give it all you got.............and, tackle!!!!


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IMO, Barry Alvarez just gave a bit of props to Nebraska on GameDay. Granted, it was to assist UW in the playoff discussion but I appreciated it.


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I honestly felt this HUSKER season had the potential to not only be positive and exciting but to be a pretty good one as well. As the season has progressed however, my feelings have turned mostly into disappointment and dismay along with flat out disgust at the results on the field. It is very clear that there has to be some major decisions made to right this floundering ship. These steps are apparently ongoing at this time to get the HUSKERS headed in that direction with a soon to be change in the coaching staff. Having said that, and while today's game may be another debacle of major proportions, I will continue to support the HUSKER coaches and players during this uphill struggle and I'll cheer just as loud for a win as I always do.
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BARNUM is back

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Senator Deb Fischer getting pumped for gameday with a pic of --- Rutgers. she deleted the tweet after about an hour


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Three face palms to Sen. Fen Fisher.
. . . .:Facepalm::Facepalm::Facepalm:

She needs fired at the end of the season too.
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