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Nebraska vs Oregon Game Thread (9/9/17)

The first defensive series seemed like just tight nerves with a new defense that was overly anxious and followed with a fluke interception and the wheels came off early. that resulted in a crappy first half. the second half i saw a team the wouldn't quit. Lee didn't have his best game but showed grit as did the entire team. if we played them again next week i would say we would thump them. The future looks brighter and i believe they won't disappoint us. GBR and thanks for the effort young men and yes they are just young men but young men with a lot of heart.
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On the bus heading out. The mood is disappointment, but not despair. 21-0 in the second is nice. Tanner will improve his timing, I hope. It was a good, respectable game. The Oregon fans were pretty much all friendly, all day.
If you were crushing us the way they were in the 1st half, you'd be "friendly" also!! ;)

In times like this i reflect on Lou Holtz

Holtz: Steve Beuerlein I guarantee you're only gonna throw 7 interceptions this year
Beuerlein: how do you know that coach?
Holtz: cuz after the 7th one your ass is gonna be on the bench next to me...

I miss ole' Lispy Lou! ;)
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