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Nebraska vs Oregon Game Thread (9/9/17)

Red Reign

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Dude, I said I agreed farniok should start. WTH is your issue. Knevel isn't a scout team player.

Knevell lacks the it and anger to play OL....I suspect he ends up back in the CFL before its said and done as he will not survive in the NFL with the injury bug and lack of fire....

Knevell will be a key sub I suspect before its said and done.


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Thanks for the Oregon fan's perspective.

If you consider that the Oregon fans perspective, so be it. So many people on this board act like you keyed their car or something just because you have a different perspective. As I said, I'm glad the defense held them scoreless in the second half. I hope they build on that. I think it is ignorance not to at least acknowledge part of the reason was a change in the play calling from Oregon. They went into a shell, particularly in the fourth quarter, and almost blew a 28 point halftime lead. If acknowledging that bothers you, I humbly apologize.
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