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Nebraska vs Oklahoma Game Thread (9/17/22)

Red Reign

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So I am headed out to Green Bay early Friday Morning for a mini-vacation and of course to watch the Packers and Bears Sunday Night

This I am putting this up early and either @BigRedMax @JHudson or @fjbfour will open it on Friday Evening

Game broadcast will start at 11:AM CDT on FOX

You can stream pre/game/post here starting at 6:00 AM CST: https://huskers.com/coverage?date=08/27/2022

A few things to remember as always:

Personal attacks will get you a thread ban and possibly a vacation.

Beating the word filter will get you minimum thread ban and possibly a vacation

Trolling & gas lightening will get you a thread ban

Bottom line have fun and be nice to each other it's not that hard to do


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This rain might be the difference maker! Remember how it helped Taft when they came back and beat Bakersfield!!!
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